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Dreaming over kitchens

Guys. This kitchens have me all googly eyed. Our kitchen reno is a looooong ways away. I mean long. But, it is free to dream right? Here’s what I’ve been drooling over. (starting with my current favorite first) :

A kitchen reveal for a mid-century modern remodel. White cabinets, navy island, and brass hardware.:


White kitchen with wood stools and marble countertop on island:



unknown source



classic herringbone pattern backsplash:


Kitchen Transformation from 70s style home to farmhouse contemporary:


The Full Kitchen Reveal | Chris Loves Julia


I think you could best describe all of them as clean and simple. That’s what I’m drawn to over and over. Clean and simple means less stress to me. And who doesn’t want less stress? These are the kitchens over on pinterest that I’ve been drooling over. I did my best to source the photos but my apologies if I missed any. Since it’s such a huge renovation and is usually where the most dollars are spent, it’s worth putting a lot of thought and time into deciding what you truly want and not something that’s trendy. Trendy can be left for rugs, hand towels, vases etc. Anyways, happy Friday and happy  house drooling!



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