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If you had the ability to look into my crazy head, these are the things you’d find me wanting. My husband says I have 37 computer tabs open at the same time. Sometimes that’s a literal observation, and sometimes it’s just 37 thoughts/projects i’m working on. But for right now, lets peak into my head:

Sneak Peek at the new Front Door + Schlage Giveaway!


I dream of new hardware for all of our doors. #adulthood. I justify it by equating it to jewelry. It’s the final 10% but makes all the difference.



I need this wallpaper in my life. I’m thinking to put it on the back of my dining room built ins. For a splash of color. Their rugs are beautiful but lets be honest, this is much more in the ever realistic budget. AmIRight?



Spring days have me dreaming of this daybed porch swing. I somehow have myself convinced that I can make it myself. So lets all just smile and nod our heads at that thought.



I absolutely love these bar stools. I have yet to get my husband on board. But I simply adore them. It’s my requirement that they have backs on them due to the small humans in our house and my dislike of injuries.

A few more for your clicking pleasures: (links are not affiliates)

I need to do this.

You’ll likely see this show up on our master bathroom mood board in the (hopefully) near future!

I feel no shame in all out copying a design. If you like it, why not?! Therefore, our kids bathroom will hopefully look very similar to this and I cannot wait!

I cannot get my husband to hop aboard this trend. What’s your vote? Thumbs up or down?

One last picture to leave you with. We have been doing an insane amount of yard work lately. Hence my absence from the blogosphere. Sorry about that. Every muscle in my body is also sorry. Anyways, the “last” thing we need is a patio. I played with the idea of putting it on the DIY list. But I’ve decided against it. I think. I’m 90% sure anyways. My husband thinks he’s going to come home one day and find me tearing out the grass because I can’t stand my life without these pretty pavers any longer. But, that hasn’t happened yet. Here’s my inspiration pic: Happy spring readers!

concrete patio with bluestone border - Google Search:

(Unable to locate source)


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