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Adding beauty during DIY

Sorry for the radio silence. Sometimes when you’re knee deep in DIY it feels a bit intimidating to jump back into the swing of things. But you know what they say right, the only way to eat and elephant is one bite at a time.

Anyways, where were we?

I can’t think of the blogger that I stole this idea from. When I think of it, I’ll link it. But the moral of the story is, it’s ok to take a break from the schedule of renovations and do something pretty. Adding a vase of flowers to a kitchen that’s only in sheet rock. etc. And that’s where my dining room comes in. It clearly isn’t time to be putting up finishing touches. And not time to wallpaper. But I had to do something pretty to keep the DIY momentum going. Also, I ran out of white paint.  I’m lazy and bought mine off of Amazon because it’s milk paint and #twokids. Now your kids may be perfect angels in every store but mine pretend Willy Wonka’s golden ticket is likely hidden somewhere in the stacks of organized goods. So, Amazon it is.

Here she is in all her mid-DIY beauty:


I’ll do my best to stay in touch. 🙂

If you need a refresh, you can see the initial mood board  here for the plan of the dining room.


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